post-title Where is Uptown Charlotte, Downtown Charlotte or whatever you call it?

Where is Uptown Charlotte, Downtown Charlotte or whatever you call it?

Where is Uptown Charlotte, Downtown Charlotte or whatever you call it?

Where is Uptown CharlotteUptown Charlotte, Downtown Charlotte, Center City Charlotte … Say WHAT?!?!emoticon_confused

This is one of the most popular questions from newcomers to Charlotte: “Where is Uptown Charlotte, Downtown Charlotte or whatever you call it?”

Yeah we know, we know, it confusing. Just relax . . . it’s alllll the same…well basically.

Uptown Charlotte is located in Charlotte Mecklenburg County and makes up a large part of Charlotte Center City. Many people just refer to Charlotte Center City as Uptown. But this is not absolutely accurate, because Center City Charlotte not only includes Uptown, it also includes the Historic South End.


And Downtown Charlotte is just the same as Uptown Charlotte just turned upside down. Well…not actually;)

Here’s the deal…

Uptown Charlotte – What’s in a name?

In part, it is said that the term “Uptown” came about because the city center is geographically higher than its surrounding area. And on the other hand, it was due to a planned effort to boost the image of the Downtown Charlotte and give it a more “upscale” look & feel. Either way, the term has stuck and Downtown Charlotte officially became “Uptown”!

We at specifically focus on the Uptown Area Only which includes a total of 4 neighborhoods “Wards” which are the First Ward, Second Ward, Third and Fourth Ward.

Below is a brief overview of each:

First Ward

First Ward is situated directly east of the Trade and Tryon intersection. It is the quadrant that is bound by the northwest side of North Tryon  and the southwest side of East Trade.

This is a heavy residential area, but it has started integrating more commercial projects like the Trolley and the Time Warner Cable Arena. It was redeveloped with great success as a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood, though this area was almost entirely public housing for several decades. Now it’s a vibrant neighborhood that is well-kept and has a beautiful backdrop of the skyscrapers nearby.

Some main attractions in the First Ward include: The Main Library, ImaginOn Children’s Learning Center, the Spirit Square portion of the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Time Warner Cable Arena (home of the Charlotte Hornets), and Levine Museum of the New South. More on the First Ward…

Second Ward

The Second Ward is situated directly south of the Trade and Tryon intersection. It is the quadrant that is bound by the northwest side of South Tryon and the northeast side if East Trade.

Second Ward is Charlotte’s “Government District” and is also the site of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Second Ward was formerly labeled the “Brooklyn neighborhood”: a predominantly impoverished yet self-sufficient African-American district that was deemed as dangerous and unsightly by city planners. An urban renewal project then took place to revitalize the neighborhood, and today it proudly holds the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Art+Culture.

Also in the Second Ward is the EpiCentre, the Charlotte Convention Center, The Victorian Gothic style St. Peter’s Catholic Church, and a downtown mini-park named The Green. More on the Second Ward…

Third Ward

The Third Ward is situated directly west of the Trade and Tryon intersection. It is the quadrant that is bound by the southeast side of South Tryon and the northeast side of West Trade.

Charlotte Center City’s Third Ward is a diverse and charming community. The most recognizable landmark in the ward is the Bank of America Stadium (home of the Carolina Panthers). Also, there’s the Gateway Village – one of the North Carolina’s largest mixed-use developments of 1,500,000 sq ft of shops, offices, restaurants, and more than 500 housing units. BB&T Ballpark (home of the Charlotte Knights) is another major landmark in the Third Ward. And right across the street from it sits Romare Bearden Park. More on the Third Ward…

Fourth Ward

The Fourth Ward is situated directly north of the intersection of the Trade and Tryon intersection. It is the quadrant that is bound by the southeast side of North Tryon and the southwest side of West Trade.

The Fourth Ward is primarily a residential area and has a multitude of beautiful Victorian homes. This is an official historic district and is host to Charlotte’s only remaining Queen Anne architecture. It is also the location of the three acre Fourth Ward Park as well as the Old Settlers’ Cemetery. More on the Fourth Ward…

Map of Uptown Charlotte

Hopefully this article has cleared up your confusion as to where is Uptown Charlotte. Now run along and enjoy ALL that Charlotte Uptown has to offer!

About UpCharlotte is the Uptown Charlotte City Guide.

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  1. I dont really know that Charlotte has a lot to offer. I am not aware of the Uptown and Downtown Charlotte. What I know is there is a place called Charlotte. I didnt know its divided in two. Thanks to this article.

  2. I remember asking why Downtown Charlotte is called Uptown Charlotte and the answer I got was that the city officials wanted to make downtown sound better and really cool, so they started promoting it as “uptown.” While that is part correct, the area’s subtle geography had something to do with it, too. And I think “Uptown” is a great name for a city’s central business district and historic hub. It should also be noted that several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here!

  3. Really, I have never heard about Uptown Charlotte it’s a good thing you gave a very good description of the place, thus creating more awarness.

  4. Rain Santos-Ocampo

    Thanks for this article. Now I’ll always find my way around Charlotte. I feel like I’ve gotten an achievement in navigation. 🙂

  5. I really do find this useful. Thank you for clearing the confusion. I’ve visited my friend in Charlotte several times before and got quite a hard time figuring this matter out.

  6. Thanks for the info about Uptown Charlotte, this one is really informative especially the wards. Good thing you embedded a map here as a guide!

  7. First Ward – some pictures or clips would make more attraction than words to explain those good names mentioned on it. Suggest that short and sweet wording with even icons to it would do a great job for people to attract. Even though now by reading it guide to go and see those areas great plus point.

  8. I never was really good at navigating around this place. It is difficult to ask for directions as most people are as sconfused as I am. Being new in the area makes it even harder. Thank goodness for them online maps! Don’t know wehere I’d end up without it! And thanks to this post as well. The info is truly helpful!

  9. Well, things finally make sense! I used to get confused with Uptown Charlotte and Downtown Charlotte and I’d always end up lost. Thanks for posting this article and for clarifying things. Big help!

  10. Uptown, Downtown, what’s really in a name. I suggest we just have to go by the map and just explore the whole place as we are trying to locate our whereabouts. And finally, enjoy the experience and embrace what the place could offer. You can explore at the library, or maybe at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, and even go to Levine Museum. That could be educational. Or you might as well drop by the Charlotte Convention Center and go straight to the St. Peter’s Catholic Church and have a rest at the mini-park named The Green. That’s only half part of the Uptown Charlotte. Just enjoy.

  11. The only thing I know about Charlotte, is its NBA team Charlotte Hornets. At least now I know that Uptown Charlotte is same as Charlotte center city where I heard several 500 fortune companies have their headquarters here like Bank of America. Thank you for this, but it still is confusing for me. I’ll just stick with my GPS.

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