post-title Second Ward, Charlotte, NC – Uptown Neighborhood Review

Second Ward, Charlotte, NC – Uptown Neighborhood Review

Second Ward, Charlotte, NC – Uptown Neighborhood Review

Second Ward, Charlotte, NC Uptown is located directly south of the Trade & Tryon intersection. This south quadrant is bounded by the northwest side of South Tryon and the northeast side of East Trade.

Second Ward is the “Government District” of Charlotte, NC. It is also where the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located. The Second Ward neighborhood was historically a predominantly black neighborhood coined “Brooklyn” before a major urban renewal project went into effect. It is now more of a mainstream entertainment and tourist destination.

As of today, the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Art+Culture is located in the Second Ward. You will also find the EpiCentre here (Uptown’s highly popular retail and entertainment complex), The Green, a downtown mini-park, Victorian Gothic styled St. Peter’s Catholic Church, as well as the Charlotte Convention Center.

Second Ward, Charlotte, NC History

The Second Ward, formerly known as “Brooklyn” was among the first neighborhoods in the Uptown Second Ward. It was coined the name “Brooklyn” comparing it to the borough in New York City. Developed and established in early 1900s, this neighborhood thrived as the center of the Charlotte’s African-American community for several decades.

The community contained a diverse range of families and individuals from white collar to blue collar workers alike. This neighborhood was also the home of the first free black library of the South: The Brevard Street Library.

In addition, the historic Second Ward was the base for the United House of Prayer for All People, the first of its kind in Charlotte as well as one of the very first U.S. locations. Also this area was home to the very first black urban high school in Mecklenburg County: The Second Ward High School. As well, there was the Myers Street School, an elementary school in this area that was the largest of its kind for African Americans.

Charlotte’s Urban Renewal

“Brooklyn” was deemed to have declined between the 1930s to the 1950s, so in 1961, the City Council of Charlotte made the vote to clear out 8 full blocks of this neighborhood. This is when the demolition of a lot of homes and businesses began to take place, spanning from the years of 1963 to 1977. This was the start of the urban renewal of Charlotte.

Throughout the years, the Second Ward, Charlotte, NC area began to see new development, one of which included the Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center, where Myers Street School used to be; Marshall Park, built where the United House of Prayer for All People once was; the NASCAR Hall of Fame; the Charlotte Convention Center; the Charlotte Epicentre (commonly misspelled as the Epicenter) as well as several government buildings and hotels began to take root.

The history of the second will never be forgotten and hopefully it will continue to evolve into a major entertainment and tourist destination for the City of Charlotte.

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  1. Urban renewal projects are needed in so many areas of the U.S. The developments planned out here or have been put into place seems to have solid foundations for improvement.

  2. Development for all levels of economics is important when making changes in projects like this one. I love how the resources vary to meet the needs of many.

  3. This is really interesting stuff especially the fact that it was formerly called “Brooklyn”. It’s nice to know the wonderful spots in this neighborhood too. The artilce itself is very well-written. Kudos!

  4. The information shared here about the history of the place made me want to learn more about it. It shows how much the place had grown over time. Not many people appreciate such things, perhaps something should also be done to make more locals aware.

    1. “perhaps something should also be done to make more locals aware.” And this is one of the top reasons we decided to create this site. Thank you for your comment!

  5. The developments that had taken place in that area are nothing less than impressive. Building more structures related to education and leisure will make it even more inviting. More businesses will create more opportunities for employment.

  6. Rain Santos-Ocampo

    Second Ward Uptown Charlotte NC looks like a great place to visit especially if you’re into NASCAR. Forget F1, go NASCAR!

  7. I think there should be informative posts like this for all the neighborhoods in the US. It’s very informative and helps a lot in decision making when moving. Many thanks for this! By the way, I used lived in Second Ward for a couple of months and it was a nice experience.

  8. I used to live here when I was younger. It was such a beautiful place to grow up in. Unfortunately, we had to move away. Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center is a must visit!

  9. Sugheson Nagarajan

    This seems to be a very clear and detailed review. The historical background just made me more curious and intrigued about the place.

  10. It’s so sad that there was a demolition of houses for the business to be put up. But i think if it’s for the welfare of a city, it’s okay. I’m all for the urban development – new jobs and opportunities for the people.

  11. I’m happy to see the renewal and development of Second Ward, Charlotte. This would make people come to visit especially those in the neighboring cities.

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