post-title Trader Joe’s Charlotte Uptown at The Metropolitan

Trader Joe’s Charlotte Uptown at The Metropolitan

Trader Joe’s Charlotte Uptown at The Metropolitan

Trader Joe's Charlotte UptownNot so long ago, shopping for groceries in Uptown was quite a challenge. Major chains were hard to find and the local grocers had limited parking options for anyone who needed a car to get their groceries back and forth.

The opening of Trader Joe’s Charlotte Uptown at The Metropolitan in 2008, however, gave these shoppers a healthy, affordable, and convenient options right here in Uptown Charlotte. how

Trader Joe’s has long maintained a reputation as an eco-friendly grocery brand and shoppers can enjoy browsing through everything from organic foods to homemade brews all while supporting a grocer that encourages environmentally sustainable practices.

In addition to these perks, Trader Joe’s also offers some of the lowest prices found anywhere in the Uptown area.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s on a budget is more than manageable and the helpful monthly publication of their newsletter The Fearless Flyer includes a guide to all of the best deals going on in the store every month.

For those grocery shoppers in and around Uptown who still feel more comfortable going to the familiar aisles of Harris Teeter, a quick run-through of what to expect when you first step foot into Trader Joes may be the nudge you need. Trader Joe’s Charlotte, NC Uptown at the Metropolitan is a popular venue and parking is tight.

While the deck adjoining the Metropolitan shopping center has several stories for spaces, the store itself is sharing this area with other chains like Best Buy and Target. Finding a spot that is located on the deck may not be too difficult but locating one close enough to lug your groceries over as well could present a challenge.

Once this initial hassle has been dealt with the shopping experience at Trader Joes is just the therapy you’ll need. The storefront is generally packed with fresh fruits and plants at the entrance and upon coming in visitors will feel like they’ve just entered a global market.

Trader Joes metropolitan ave Charlotte

The colors and patterns in Trader Joes are designed to look like an old map and they capture the mood in an effective manner.

The meat and seafood aisles at this location are located near the back of the store. Delightful cuts of exotic and familiar meats are ready to be sampled (maybe even twice) while fresh-caught fish are prepared for purchase.

This department is admittedly smaller than one which would be find in a larger grocer but shopping at Trader Joe’s is about finding quality and enjoying the experience as a whole. The meat department may be small in stature but it is located directly next to the wine and beer aisles and in this aspect this grocery store can compete with anyone.

Besides brewing their own quality beer at discount prices, Trader Joe’s Uptown has also given shoppers a wide variety of beers from around the world that would be hard to find elsewhere. Miller Lite and Budweiser products are going to be hard to find but perhaps just for one night a shopper can let the King of Beers stay in the fridge, replaced with something a bit more refined yet mind bogglingly cheap.

trader-joe's-charlotte-nc-beerThe remainder of the grocery shopping experience while within the Trader Joes doors is equally as interesting and rewarding. Diverse lines of ethnic products never before seen in big box retailers that previously dominated the grocery market are readily available throughout the Trader Joes shelves.

In addition to this there is a whole section of the store devoted to sauces that bring new flavors which many consumers had never tasted or even heard of before. The Green Dragon sauce is more than just a chili-based topping, it is an EXPERIENCE.

Speaking of experience, it is also worth noting that getting to Trader Joe’s from Uptown and getting home once your shopping is done has become a much easier task in recent years with the introduction of the nearby light rail stop as well as the proximity of the Metropolitan to Kings Drive and 3rd Street, both of which can bring you right back into the city.

Whichever way you choose to get back home you’ll do so with a smile on your face knowing that a world of groceries both new and familiar alike are in your bags and you didn’t even have to venture out of Uptown Charlotte to get them.

Trader Joe’s Charlotte Uptown at The Metropolitan is located at 1133 Metropolitan Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204

You can visit their website at or reach them via phone at (704) 334-0307.

You can also check out The Metropolitan’s complete website with a list of all their other businesses on-site at

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